Monday, November 26, 2007

Sederot and Annapolis

Two cities thousands of miles apart. Whilst one is the centre of news for the next 48 hours the other is quiet , the newest addition to Sederot is that they have built bomb shelter in the car park .
Over 1400 qassam rockets have been fired into this area around Sederot from Gaza just 3 miles away .
In my last week in the bureau here before going to Iraq next week the onto my new base in London , i find myself sitting and waiting for incoming missiles . Their is always the fear that perhaps one day one of these point shoot and pray missiles will hit . Just another day in the unholyland only six more to go
Life goes on hopefully it will be quiet very quiet and the talks in Annapolis well they will not stop these missile attacks .
More later

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Anonymous said...

They say peace, peace and there'll be no peace. All the talk in the world, Mal, will not bring peace. You are right. Not yet anyway. From one peaceless place to another..strange job you have. But London is at least at the end of your rainbow. So be of good cheer Mr. James. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck to you. Our thoughts will be with you and those that you tell us about with your camera.