Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dying for CNN

Just finished the Hostile Environment Training Course in the Snow of Wales, all went well but I did die and for of all people trying to rescue a CNN crew.

The reality is naturally that I am not dead as if I was how the hell could I get an internet connection from the other side, we all know that broadband wireless is good but I doubt it goes that far, up or down.

As part of our examination evaluations we got to play scenarios for the afternoon yesterday in the snow. Yes real snow, now for those of you used to snow excuse me but I do not get to see it very often and the novelty of it.

Anyway we split into groups and go from scenario to scenario, the first scenario we approach a building and are told that collegues from CNN are waiting on the other side to meet us in the car park (covered in snow) the compound is safe. Well we approach and as we did an explosion goes off, I was in the rear of the column of 5 and the others stopped not having a clue as to what to do to be honest, it was the first time that they had probably heard an is that ything louder than a firecracker.

So they just stand there doing nothing after about a minute of scouting the hills and trees they have still not moved and our “friends” from CNN are moaning by the car complaining they have been hit. I jump to my feet and make a beeline for them only to have another bang go off next to me ten feet away I keep going diving into the snow next the victims from CNN only to be yelled at that I am dead.

Such is life, apparently we were being mortared, Now having been under mortar attack in the real world I was annoyed because the bangs and flashes were not mortars, but I was dead for the game, such is life.

On the other scenarios I top marked so hopefully I redeemed myself in the scenario exams. Luckily they were just a road accident in a remote area and a hostile gunmen at an illegal checkpoint were they waved Ak47’s in your face, hell I do that everyday so I past those with flying colors.

Many people asked what was the value of me doing such a course and all I can say at the end of it is I learnt so much that I want to do the Advanced training course with more intense First Aid.

Bit all in all a great afternoon in the snow, but the last time I will take one for CNN.