Thursday, February 15, 2007

Allt Yr Ynys Country Hotel

Welcome to the country of Wales, Now first up can you please try and pronounce the above hotel name.

The Welsh people decided a few years back that they were to become traditional and return to their roots. Aka Kunta Kinte but with Leeks. I mean Welsh, lets face it Esperanto has a bigger chance of being understood.

Now the most pronounced way they could achieve this back to basics and were proud to be Welsh campaign was to decide that the Welsh Language is to be resurrected and become mainstream, thus every street sign has to be bilingual announcements need to be in both English and Welsh.

If you have ever had to listen to a train station announcement they all tend to come out like the person is speaking Swahili, then you add the fact that it is Welsh and you might as well give up.

Coming down last night to Allt Yr Ynys, come on can you pronounce it yet?.

The train was full of rugby supporters, now they also had the funny aspect of that more than one beer had been consumed and the fact that they had lost to the Irish was to be factored in. The good news is that the average drunk rugby supporter is very funny and is more enthused about trying to get a singalong going on the train rather than your average drunken football fan (most likely either Man Utd or Chelsea) who after a defeat of their team seems to want to pick a fight to prove they still superior.

The good news was that the drunk Welsh rugby fan was also incapable of speaking Welsh, but he could sing and moon.

Now how do you pronounce this hotel – Allt Yr Ynys.

Halt (without the H) so “Alt”

Yr naturally becomes Your

Ynys – win ‘ ees , sort of win ease

Thus Halt your win ease Country Hotel

1 comment:

PLANET3RRY said...

I had about 1/3 of it right...

I got Alt
but then went with a "yerr" sort of alike the accent here in East Tennesse.

and the AEIOU and (seems like always) Y vowel word, I didn't get that at all.

Glad that you are safe and sound and enjoying the bullet-free zone.