Monday, February 19, 2007

The Coat Hanger

If there is one Australian icon that everyone around the world can instantly recognise it is without doubt the coathanger or as many know it The Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Well Sunday I took the girls for a walk up on to the top of the bridge, it is a massive tourist market and a chance to get without doubt the best view of the city and the harbour, there is something magic about Sydney and Australia in general.
Not something I can put my finger on, but standing on the top of the bridge under this massive Australian flag with a bright blue sky. It felt strange to be homesick in your home country, there are things you do not want to end and standing on the top of the bridge I tried to suck in the view and capture the image in my mind.
Now you would expect photos , well they will not let you take anything up on the bridge as you might drop it onto a car on the bridge
Off to Fiji later today , sans computer. Well why would I need a computer when I will be scuba diving in the South Pacific Islands
Have fun everyone, because I am going to
As they say in Fiji "Bula"

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21stcenturymom said...

You're from Australia? I didn't know that. Glad you got to spent some quality time with the girls.

Have fun in Fiji (well, duh!)