Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bloody Sock

Thursday Feb 8 2007

On a Hostile Environment Course in Wales, you would expect men with guns abducting you and putting sacks on your heads and yelling that you have been taken hostage. Well that is what the training promotion videos may portray. But to date the only injury and discomfort I have felt has been from a nail in the heel of my boot coming through during our map reading exercise in the mountains and causing extreme pain and a sock full of blood.

It always surprises me how much information I can get out of courses, to be honest the sections of dealing with media and hostile environments has nothing to do with the real world, but then again it would be illegal to actually tell people the difference between the real and the academic world.

The First Aid section of the course has been incredible and if anything this has been worth doing the course more than anything. The course is structured for very real hostile scenarios and how to deal with major battlefield injuries.

By the way have learnt a great way to combine legal painkillers bought off the shelf to make a super “your in deep shit” mega painkiller. So if you want to know how to concoct a mega painkiller that is fast acting I will pass it on, but you can never say who told you the mixture.

Woke up this morning to snow


Anonymous said...

You do seen foot accident prone, Mr. James. Did you heal thyself with the fabulous info you obtained from the super duper first aid course? Or do you now have a foot infection? Do not over dose on those super duper drug concoctions unless you learned how to pump your own stomach while high...up in the mountains.

PLANET3RRY said...

I think you are going to ace the "How to Stay calm during a missle attack" section.

Mega Painkiller? A post-marathon cocktail? I might be interested...