Thursday, January 03, 2008

A City So Vast

There is a line in the movie, "A Mighty Heart". which portrays the tragic murder by terrorists of Daniel Pearl "Karachi a city so vast that you cannot count the people".

It is one of the strange things whereby I can sit in my hotel room here in Karachi and watch this movie and at the same time have the door open and listen to the traffic and sounds of life of the place a movie is set in at the same time.

We have been here five days and have seen the city come back to life, the first day it was so quiet and yet so dangerous we tried to enter a part of the city and managed to get 100m up the road before we had to turn back for safety reasons. It is hard to explain how 100m up a road and the mood can change from safety to danger on a scale of ten. It was as each meter on the road we were descending into hell.

New Years Eve was spent with just Greg Palkot (Correspondent) and Tadek Markowski (Producer) on the roof of the hotel, actually featured in the movie. We listened to gunfire and decided what goes up must come down and left the roof asap.

Tomorrow we head to Islamabad and wrap up coverage from the capital, hoping to be out and back home to London early next week, by early that means we have seats confirmed for Wednesday.

Two Pictures Karachi from our roof view during the unrest and normal.

Trust me the pollution you can see

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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, Mr. James. And we think we have polution in the US. Ha! I guess polution of the heart exists to some extent in any country...but it is more prevelent in some places. Your movie story was also thought provoking. On that you and all the correspondents who travel to nasty dangerous extra careful in your travels. Now all the great Fox reporters and their crews will be in one place. We appreciate you all for the work you do of getting the truth to us... for so many years now. Hope you get out on Wednesday okay. And thanks for the blogs. Only idiots would shoot guns into the air and wise men stay off of roof tops.