Thursday, August 09, 2007

Going to Oz

Sorry for lack of posts, many things happening and it is 4am at the airport , en route to Australia , yes widescreen will be down in Melbourne for a day or so and will try to contact you.
Next post is a great story titled "The Watermelon Man" it will make you laugh
Ben Gurion Airport and 19 hours flying to go


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for snagging another great assignment. You are just lucky we are guessing. 19 hours of no running, and no bad habits....what a bore. Hope the person sitting next to you is not a compulsive air guitar player. Can't wait for the Watermelon Man. Maybe you can write you life story on the flight. Would beat sniffing ads. Your faithful followers,

Anonymous said...

I want your life.....I will be slogging off to sweltering New Mexico next week for vacation.........poor timing but I planned it so I can't complain about the heat. We know where my head was though, don't we? Enjoy........e.