Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breaking NEWS

Breaking News, don't you just love it when the sting music comes on tv and suddenly a graphic whizz's across the screen and a breathless anchor tells you in sombre tones , this just in .....
Well many things are happening and the next few weeks will reveal all for the future of the Unholyland News, the issue of a book is now getting more serious and I hope to start seriously in the next few months working towards a draft on what I am using the working title of " ? [Secret at this stage] " , have always wanted to call it "Great Hotel Roofs and Car Parks of the World" but that is the title that someone else came up with from the old days of the London Bureau.
Anyway more News to come very shortly , and this is one story when you will not hit the mute button.

[and nothing to do with Australia]


Anonymous said...

We have never hit the mute button on you Mal...didn't do any good...your film just kept on running like a silent movie and told the story well without words. Great news tho and you can be sure we will stay tuned. Just let it all out Mal...don't hold back. Tell like it was and is. If we guess the title do we get an autographed copy? The Unholyland News will be nothing without you...but that's their bad luck...isn't it. No doubt that you have seen much that few men have that should be told. We will always thing of Mal James as the best on a roof top as well as in a parking lot. Fie on that guy who moved in on your territory. Good news from Australia! And good luck...not that you need you.

Anonymous said...

one that i always liked was "great hotel pools i never swam in"