Friday, July 27, 2007

A Bloggers Dilemna

What do you write about when in reality not much is happening at the moment. One thing I will not do is just post for the sake of posting so that readers will log expecting an insight into my slightly off beat world and stories.
You can surf around and find blogs that tell you how tipples the family cat is happy or that they are off to the Aunties for the weekend and try to launch a broad discussion on travel directions. It is an unwritten code of the male DNA that we cannot follow directions so try to post directions on a blog in the vain hope that the male of the blog will read is, is as pointless as giving the female of the species a map and ask her for simple coherent directions, this is the missing female DVA gene.

So back to the subject of today " A Bloggers Dilemna" . It is not that there is a lack of subjects to write about in the News at the moment, from the Tour de Pharmacy that concludes this Sunday on Champs EPOeeyse, to epidemic that Hollywood Stars face in their personal battles with Drugs, lets face it don't we all agree that poor Lindsey Lohan did not know who put the cocaine in her pants pocket and she must be innocent till proven guilty in a fair court of law. Or how about the story that Shuttle Pilots flew drunk, you can just imagine all the astronauts chugging back a "roadie" before walking to the launch pad, and of course the big question is in a space suit how do you get rid of the beer without triggering fourteen alarm bells in Houston Control on the medics console.

Then again I could write about how a 48 year old man is reading a book about a [deleted word] who cannot say a [deleted word] because of a new [deleted word] , but then thats a spoiler. And no I have not read the last page.

So I suppose you can beat a bloggers dilemna and prove the adage that given a typewriter a monkey could write the words of Shakespeare , or in my case a blogger taping the keyboard can write nothing of interest and yet cover topics that make us laugh, because life is simple in a quiet week.



Anonymous said...

You havin' one of those weeks too, Mal? Thought it was just us...up this wild pig infested canyon. By the way, 3 mountain lions have moved in...seemly after the wild pigs. There is hope!! Except for the kidney stones...struck last night...thought I was dying...was grateful to hear the rocks in my head had just shaken loose and found there way to my lower extremeties and in a week or two I will be able to (sensored) again. Of course the fire started by arsonist behind the cabin was a distraction...couldn't concentrate on the big troubles of Hollywood (sensored) airheads...or the stress caused by being shot at thousands of miles an hour into space...Honestly, I think we sometimes bring about our own troubles...don't you? As for the book, 48 year old bored man, forget the last page...I always will just be a disappointment...make up you own imagination is better than these modern day writer...where have they been? In conclusion, be thankful for a conclusion as I am a woman missing a few of the essential DNA parts, I do hope your life improves. You need some action I am thinking....or a few more bad habits. At least you have a sense of humor...don't you. Must go now to save little lambs from mountain lions who do not seem to understand the difference between pigs and sheep. Humm..I too have had this problem. Loved your was for the little common, ordinary people out here...not unlike me.
Your sort of faithful reader,

Anonymous said...

You'd drink too, Mal, if your rear was strapped to a vehicle whith 587463 moving parts built by the the lowest builder with a gas tank containing 234984 gallons of jet fuel headed to a space station manned by Russians. Scary...hey comrade? I think I read that book..skip the last page. Got to go now...just reached in my pocket and found somebody has stuffed it full stuff that I never saw before. People are so sharing.
Your fan and reader,

21stCenturyMom said...

Mal- as a person who can get lost in a walk in closet I give outstanding directions - they are concise, have JUST enough information (as opposed to the ones my ex gives which include every tree on the route, repeated 3 times) and perfect. I only give directions if I actully know the way. My girls are just like their Dad - they can always find their way home. Lastly, I ride with a woman who would rather gouge out her eyes with a rusty spork than ask directions. So - pffbbbt to you and your silly stereotype. :-)

As for La Lohanne - she is drug abuser and needs help - sort of like a huge hunk of the boys on the Tour.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I got a response.....WHAT?