Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tel Aviv Monday Afternoon

When you arrive at the scene of a suicide bombing there is nothing nice to say or anything new to say or film. It is just a scene of desperation and grief. The bombing at the Schwarma Shop yesterday was devastating 9 innocent people were killed in an Instant by a terrorist , a young male from the West Bank who had recently joined Islamic Jihad after leaving Hamas because they were not carrying out attacks on Israel. What he achieved was to plunge the scene here into Political Mayhem.

What would the new Prime Minister Ulmert do and just how would the new Hamas Government react. Well Israel does not react with knee jerk options , cold calculating and at there time and choosing that is what they will do. As for Hamas they did not condemn the attack.

The bombing took place near the Old Bus Station a sad and bad neighbourhood, in other words a soft target with almost no security. Standing on a blood streaked street the local Right Wingers and druggies screamed profanities and Death to Arabs for nearly an hour, the moment a camera is turned on them they would resume there chants.

Covering these events like the bombing yesterday leaves me numb, it is not the last one I will go too

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