Monday, April 24, 2006

Tel Aviv Airport at 3am

You can build the best airport in the world, and there is still no other word than they suck at 3 am in the morning, when you have not been to bed since yesterday morning and the next time I will lie flat in a bed could be two days away.

This Assignment is actually to a country that I have always wanted to visit, Nepal. Home of the tallest mountain in the world and as of the moment massive civil rioting, gues which is the reason I am going this time. I always thought that I would get to Nepal and see Mt Everest on my 50th birthday, well I am 47 next week so that is not bad.

One of the quirks of the job is what to pack and tonight I was digging thru the cupboards in the office in Jerusalem getting out gas masks and riot helmets, expecting stones and gas this time. Hopefully not to much bang bang your dead bullets.

Hopefully will not be to longer assignment, one of those jobs when we could fly to Bangkok only to be told to come back, lucky I like airline food

Tel Aviv Airport Lounge

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21st Century Mom said...

Too bad the airlines don't serve food anymore.

Have a safe trip!