Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dinner with family & friends

In nearly the nearly four years that I have lived here in Israel, I have never managed to get through a Passover (Pesach) Seddar Dinner, the first one I went to at Mark Abrahams (Senior Bureau Producer) was finished before we had even had the first glass of wine, a terror attack at the Park Hotel when a suicide bomber walked in and killed thirty perople having a seddar dinner was to spark off one of the most intense periods of bloodshed and war in the whole intifada.

The next few years have seen me away or on shift and the elusive Seddar dinner seemed destined to be missed for another year.

But Mark assured me that this year, we were on course for Matzoh Crackers and Yamucahs (Please allow for spelling errors when I deal with religious issues not much can be done, remember I did not know that Jesus was Jewish)

Marks whole extended family was at his home with brothers sisters and Bella's parents (Bella is Marks better half).

Now a Seddar Dinner is more tradition, it comes complete with a book and everyone takes turns to read out verses which all have relevance to the Jews fleeing Egypt with Moses , not having time to wait for the bread to rise, lots of killing and smitting of first son's, plagues and pestilance, a Seddar plate with seven items that all have relevance, from the arm of God(chicken leg) to a paste of dates and walnuts that represents the paste used by Israeli slaves to make the Pyramids - FYI this is a great taste the pyramid paste.

It was so enjoyable to watch the whole of Mark and Bella's family take part in a celebration of freedom and thanks, Marks youngest daughter who is in first grade read for the first time out aloud, his eldest found the matzoh crackers which caused the younger children to cry unfair and almost cry.

Just glad that no one was taking photos, could imagine what the Hamas goons would do with pictures of Mike Tobin and I sitting there with Yamaucahs on, come Eid Mike and I will go out with our kafirs , should make both sides happy

Thanks Mark and Bella, for allowing me to share a wonderful night of family and friends

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