Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stuck in a plane , that well

Kabul Airport
Flight 401 Ariana Airlines , from Kabul to Dubai, via Kandahar
It could be worse but i doubt it, we have been stuck on the runway for two hours due to weather in Kandahar , the cockpit crew are screaming in Turkish at the local authorities , as it is a charter operated flight, and the plane is putrid and hot , the whole thing stinks like a bad drawer of unwashed socks in summer and there is no air con on the plane .
Not exactly a way to spend the day but hope above hope we get out of this god forsaken place .
Just announced , flight cancelled to kandahar , now they have to empty the plane
Maybe we will make Dubai

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Anonymous said...

God forsaken place...common expression but in this case your discription is fits. Our concerns, thoughts and prayers are with you and all good men stuck there.