Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wait till you hear about this Funny One

Aplogies for not being able to write out fully a funny Starbucks Ramallah Incident , but will post in a day or two most likely Friday a story that can only happen in the West Bank , complete with Brittany Spears and not a gun shot being fired .
You will have to just come back
West Bank


Anonymous said...

We'll be waiting with "dated breath". Did you know there's a place in Arizona that they make date milkshakes? Dateland Arizona. Population 47...just in case you ever run through there. They make you "run" real fast. Just a little bit of trivia.

newsjunkie said...

No fair teasing Mal! I won't sleep a wink until your next blog entry!! ;)

21st Century Mom said...

can hardly wait!

ps - getting 'tagged' means that someone posts one of those meme things (100 things about me, the A-B-C thing) and then 'tags' you to put the questions with your answers on your blog. I find them very annoying but I try to play nice. I will never tag you or anyone else, though.