Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jablayia Mayhem & Insanity

Gaza City
June 20th 2006

It may seem like I am hard on the residents of Gaza at time, especially the crowds and boys in particular. But events as they unfolded last night can only add to my dislike of the mob mentality that morphs itself into reality.

How do you write without sounding bitter after being spat upon, hit with a stick, had your vehicle attacked, every door opened as the mob tried to steal anything they could if they had a chance. All whilst trying to go live to show the world the results of an Israeli Air strike in the crowded streets they live in.

Three small children were killed and more injured after the Israelis fired a missile into a car that was carrying militants, the militants escaped all uninjured not the children in the streets they were simply playing in the streets and became the latest victims of this conflict.

The mob surrounding us got to be in excess of 400, ranging in ages from around 5 to 20, some adults tried to help us by keeping the mob back but it was in vain. I managed to get a camera up and a signal to NY but to add misery to a situation that worsening by the minute as dusk approached, New York were not even interested in taking us live.

It was at that moment we had no other option but to get out and fast, it was a matter of just throwing everything into the backseat, camera and tripod anywhere, cables all over the front seats, “just get the fuck in” was my only comment, the car was being slapped and pelted. It was only a matter on minutes before we would have been hemmed in and in serious trouble.

It is essential that as you try to get out you do not injure or run over anyone, because if you do you are truly fucked big time. Ibrahim and Neal managed to get us out by running the shotgun screaming in Arabic we were out , I slowed down to only allow Ibrahim to get in the car on the move, not even slowing down as the mob continued to kept at the car.

To reflect back, when the next air strike happens and Palestinians wonder why no one covers the injustice at what is happening to them. They only have themselves to thank for no coverage.

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