Friday, June 30, 2006

Football Militants and the war

Football and Militants

I have not blogged for a few days now because of the minor fact that basically Gaza and Israel have gone to war. Well almost, things also depend on the Football World Cup.

In a simple nutshell it goes like this and it is so simple that anyone should be able to grasp these facts. Hamas and PRC (Peoples Resistance Committee – what a great Monty Pythonesque name) dig a tunnel into Gaza kidnap a 19 year-old-soldier, take him back into Gaza and taunt Israel saying we have him and aren’t we smart and here are our demands. Israel gives them a day or so to get their collective IQ’s together and to allow Palestinian leaders a chance to say to the militants “Give him back”. Also the second round games are still being played n Germany.

Militants say to there leadership, who cares what you say or think. Now remember it is Hamas Militants saying to their own leadership we do not care what you say or do, as you are pathetic and weak, we the militants control the Strip now.

Israel sits back and after the final second round game of the World Cup ends up around Midnight, they get up turn off their TV’s and launch the wrath of the Military on Gaza. The timing was just to bizarre to go un noticed, the final whistle of the France v Spain game had just sounded and ten minutes later jets are screaming overhead, bombing bridges and Power Stations, destroying millions of dollars of infrastructure.

Artillery shells bombard the Northern death Zone day and night, Jets fly overhead breaking the sound barrier and creating sonic booms that make buildings shake and shudder for the last two nights making sleeping impossible. Lucky there is a break in the World Cup schedule to allow for war to commence.

As I write last ditch efforts are being made to broker a diplomatic break through and release the young soldier, if not then a full on invasion and occupation of Gaza in inevitable in the next few days. And what is left of society here will crumble.

There have been so many stories over the last few days that I will do a completely separate entry that covers the bizarre and sad life here.

But the over riding thought at the moment is “What the hell are the Militants thinking” and that by their actions hundreds of thousands people are going to be driven into a life that by any standards cannot get any worse and yet they refuse to see that the actions of a few are going to destroy their own state.

Israel is not in anyway to blame for the current crisis they simply want their soldier back, and if they do not get him back then Armageddon is coming. When - it will probably depend on what time the first quarter final of the World Cup finishes tonight.

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