Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday June 13th 2005

Public Holidays & Cheese Festivals

If you are downunder then this weekend has been the Queens Birthday weekend, the opening of the winter Snow Sking Season and a continual festival of the boot, as Roy and HG would describe a weekend of endless sport. Even listening online to Australian Radio you can sense the weekend.

Here it is the Public Holiday of Shaviot , which is the Festival for the Cheese, go to your local supermarket and there is nothing but bloody cheese. I often that that Australia was known as the "Land of the Long Weekend" forget it, the Jewish Nation has taken the art of Public Holidays to a new level. It seems that every other weekend there is a festival for something, be it bringing in the wheat festival or one of the big holidays like Yom Kippur, which is also National Ride a bike day.

Why merge two holidays together (Yom Kippur is basically Good Friday equivalent, the day you ask God forgiveness and everything is OK)

Back to National Ride a bike Day aka Yom Kippur, Now since it is a day to repent You are not allowed to drive your car from sunset to sundown so the roads are totally empty. I mean totally not a car on the road so everyone gets there bikes out and take over the roads from National Freeways to back alleys.

Back to this weekend, it is sort cheesecake overload.


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