Thursday, June 16, 2005

How to Save $441 Australian Dollars

Life is Google now, you can think up any word or combination of words, go online and type in and see what the results are, yesterday I reached a milestone of no importance to anyone but me. I have now logged 3,000 km running, between training and races. From school 5km fun runs to two marathons.

So what does 3,000 km get you if you google, well for starters you can buy a Greyhound Bus Pass for Australia vaild for 3000 km for $441. Transamazonica is a bike ride that goes 3,000 km through the Amazon, East China's
Shandong Province has become the country's first province to have more than 3,000 km of Expressways and according to some pathetic car owner on the Toyotas Car Owners Forum UK has experienced tyre problems at 3,000 km, as if anyone cares.

So does anyone care that I have run 3,000 km, probably not. But achieveing things in life does matter and goals no matter how lofty do give us focus. I see so much hatred and greed in this world covering news that sometimes it is nice to sit down and smile to myself that I have achieved something that matters to no-one else

My next target is to reach 4052 km my the end of this year, why 4052 km - go google and see if you can find out why


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Testing out the commenting feature. 3000km - wow.

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