Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Red & Blue at 3 am

The diehards remain, the celebs and want to be celebs down to the E list have left. Perhaps only the true believers will be able to claim that they witnessed history and yet everyone who has left will tell tales of how they were here and watched it. I doubt that half the people here know the difference between the donkey and the elephant and who is blue and who is red.
Speaking of colors Correspondent Greg Palkot and I almost had a heart attack when the embassy map showed the state of New York as red before they changed it to blue , apparently the computers colors everything red first , and then you have to change it.
In the next hour I hope to witness history , perhaps that is why working in the media is magic at times, then again anything is better than two weeks ago in Afghanistan


Anonymous said...

Yes, you saw history being made. Can't help but make me think of the Prophet that when taken up to the watch tower and show what the people of his country really were like...cringed and said..."Oh I never knew how wicked my people were...In judgement remember mercy. Welcome to Socialist America. That will be history making okay. Thanks Mal for reporting from London.

21stCenturyMom said...

I hope you enjoyed watching history be made as much as did I. What a glorius and wonderful night!

Now if McCain will just tell Obama where to find Bin Laden (he said he knew!) we can go mop up in Afghanistan and get rid of the Tal-ee-bahn.


21stCenturyMom said...

ps - I really wish anonymous would quit hiding that way. Obama is no more a socialist than was FDR so please, cast off your old, tired, negativity and get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Dear 21stcenturymom...thank you for not hiding.
From "the 21stcenturywoman who thinks for herself, does her own research, refusing to buy the Democrat or the Republican propaganda or regurgitate it." It gets wordy not hiding.
Being realistic is not necessarily being negative. But when the facts are negative you don't pretend things are rosy. A large part of the history of man has not been all sunshine and roses. History tells us that, if you study history and it is obvious from this election that people do not study history.If you don't study history you are bound to repeat history. Unfortunately the road we are now traveling down which will soon be recorded in history, is an old road that never produced a dang thing worthwhile before. So I refuse to be a Mary Sunshine about it.
So sign me off
21stenturyhistorystudentand believerinfreedomofthought. I appreciate because you are a realist. You record history by reporting the reality that you observe. For that I am grateful to you, whether I like what you are reporting or if I don't like it. I know you have integrity and report the truth that you see in front of you. Thank you again for that. We need people like you who go and see for themselves and then record it and don't just make stuff up or report what you hear from others. You're the best, Mr. James.