Wednesday, October 01, 2008


There is a freedom to write that exists in our society, just as there is freedom to read. Perhaps that is what distinguishes democracy from tyranny. Under tyranny any comment about the state is dealt with and those who make the comments are persecuted and suffer.
I allow comments on my blog as I believe in free speech and will defend it, unlike people who hide and think that posting as Anonymous, I am not afraid to write and tell the truth.
Truth can hurt, and people who truly think the world is a kind and good place will only be guided by fools and dictators.
I write what I see and experience, because trust me I have seen the evil side.
If you believe in truth then you have nothing to fear.

And yes I am a cameraman and proud of it.


SS (notthatkind) said...

Amen to that. Great post. "If you believe in truth then you have nothing to fear." That's good man. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear! Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty. Thank you for the pictures and the courage to go to those places in order to show and tell us the stories. eu


Hey, you are right.
Here in Chile we live under the control of a dictator like 20 years.

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21stCenturyMom said...

Amen! And please don't let stupid trolls bother you. Not that they do but they don't really deserve a reasoned response.

I think it's fair to say that an internet troll who posts anonymously would never have the balls to go work on the front lines of whatever war he was called to.

Anonymous said...

You said a lot with few words Mal. Not many are willing to call evil, evil anymore. Excuses are given for it..we almost sympatize with it anymore. If more men like you had stood up a long time ago, evil wouldn't have it's hands around our throats right now. Personally, I think evil and people who defend it should be spoken out against. Told to put up or shut up. These cowards have been given free rein and not called out for much too long. You know the power of truth, Mr. James...few seem to anymore. Your blogs have always been interesting but with your words here today you gave them even more power then they had before. You turned on the light that exposed the cockroaches. They love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. If we fail to sign what we write we only prove that what we say we don't really stand behind. I am proud of you Mal...not that you need my approval...but I can read what I choose to read because of the freedom my fellow countrymen have fought and died for and I can be proud of whom I choose to be proud of. I can also despise whom I choose to despise. You speek the truth and you, Mr. James, can back it up. Great statement. Great photo, the answer to intimidation. Stay safe and please keep doing what you do, exactly the way you do it. We need people like you in this world which you pegged perfectly by the way. No longer will I sign with initials but with a anyone who disagrees with me can call me out if they want to. I too am ready for them. Thanks Mal.
A fellow lover of truth.
Annie Gaines

Anonymous said...

You should be proud, Mr. James. You are the best cameraman going. When I first noticed you and your great work you inspired me. I went out and bought a camera. I read the directions, put the batteries in and went out to film the world. When I looked at my work I was disappointed Mal. My work sucked. My photos told nobody anything, except that it wasn't as easy as you make it look. My own mother said they sucked. Just a cameraman? Just a cameraman my ass. I challenge anybody to go out and do what you do under the circumstance you film under. It requires talent and courage Mr. James. Thank you and thank you for stating the truth so well. I think you are much more than just a camerman.
Your long time fan,
Neatie Hillman
PS. Want to buy a good little used camera Mal?

Anonymous said...

Well written Mr. James. When I made the comments earlier they were not a threat and I am certainly no threat to you, but they were a rant and personal attack for which I do sincerely apologise. I am insignificant as many of us are and yes you are a cameraman who lets not forget is actually paid to do a job which you happen to choose to do in war zones. Agreed you have seen evil but unlike many others you have a choice as to whether to stay with this evil and put your life at risk. I have had the pleasure of meeting many people throughout my life who have through illness, tragedy, victims of crime or war made selfless acts of bravery which puts the likes of you, me and many others to shame. I was not questioning as to whether you were telling the truth but more why you felt the need to do so. You have unknowingly answered this very question as by posting a rather large and slightly challenging/confronting picture of yourself you have reinforced the fact that this blog is really simply just all about You, I get it now. You will be pleased to hear that I will not be posting any further comments as by doing so in the first place I had inadvertently appeared to care, for which I don’t – please don’t take this personally as why would I when I do not even know you or you me even if I had posted my name!

As for your two blog long fans (and so it seems fans of many other male war zone bloggers) Annie and her lovely relative Neattie I apologise for spoiling your blog life momentarily – no offence girls, but there are far more rewarding things to spend your time doing!

I am now crawling back to the cave from whence I came ......
The Troll.

Anonymous said...

As true Americans we have supported our Military men in this war against filthy, evil cowards, and will continue to do so with much enthusiam and without fear. We were attacked on 9/11 and will defend ourselves and support our Millitary and those who cover this war with great pride in them all. We also have the FBI on you as I write, for one so innocent as you claim to be, would not have taken note of us...would you. By the way thank you for the complement. We are well aware of you cave dwellers who follow all the blogs where truth is being told, who disrupt and put out your filthy lies and propaganda. We do not fear you nor do we appologize for exposing the enemy wherever we find them...usually under rocks. As for Mr. James, he has never been about himself, but then, we wouldn't expect you to understand because you live in darkness, no light in you. Your continued threats are empty. Intimidation is just one tool of the enemy that we laugh at. So go screw yourself, creep. Go Mal and Go US Military. You are the cream of the crop. Your blogs are fantastic and you photography tells the story and it worth many words. Thank you Mal, and all like you.