Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hope that Maryam never finds out


It was over a cup of Chamomile tea, yes we have been reduced to drinking herbal tea in the evening before we turn in. Not exactly the hard image of War Correspondents in the battlefield that seems to pervade every stereotype. That whilst discussing plans for the upcoming embed and the move down South to be embedded with the US Marines and in all probability come into contact with Taliban and Insurgents that our producer Maryam Sepheri laughed as Correspondent Dana Lewis i sipped our tea before turning in for the night.

That Dana turned to me and said, "This is bad enough, hopefully she will not find out what we bought in Dubai"

"What did you buy?" asked Maryam intrigued that could there be anything worse for two experienced war veterans, than being exposed as Chamomile tea drinkers.

"Nothing" I replied and "Remember Dana, no one is to know! it will remain a secret and we cannot start to use it (the unnamed product) till after our embed"

"Come on you guys, that is not fair!"

But somethings are better off left to imagination, lets face it what could be worse than admitting to drinking Chamomile tea.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Dana on Fox reporting.. with a call to prayer in the background. Dana did not seem impressed but was impressing. We looked at each other and said, "Yep...old tea sipping Mal is filming that...amazing isn't it?" We have a photo of you sipping tea from a cracked cup in the "No Name Cafe" in Pakistan...pinky polite like. One does ones best...doesn't one. Survival technique? Can't imagine what your secret purchase was in Dubai...unless it was aluminum foil for hat making purposes. We follow the trail of clues you so cleverly lay down along the way, Mal. Glad you are embedding with the Marines and you are right not to expose your ....more unusual habits while amongst them. So as the sun sinks slowly into the West there in the beautiful land of Afghanistan by the bay...please take care, you and Dana and that curious lady producer (what evil thing has she done to be banished from civilization,ending up with the two of you? Be kind to her Mal...lest she repent and be reprogramed). I know this blog is not about Fox News but we are grateful that they still have a tiny bit of sense left and retain our favorite war correspondents, Harrigan, Palkot, Mr. Lewis..who is actually Canadian...did you know that?...that's why he works so cheap...and Tobin...all the old guys that have done such a swell job of getting the truth out to us...even if you are all a tad off center.That is a compliment!!! We hate perfect people. Thanks Mal...We really do appreciate you.
Your long time readers and fans,
Annie & Neatie

Anonymous said...

If Chamomile tea was good enough for Peter rabbit it is good enough for war correspondents. Just stay out of Mr. McGregor's garden.
Stay safe and thanks for the job you are all doing. I think you bought kites in Dubai.