Thursday, September 07, 2006

You know the War is Finally Over

Like any event they do end and we as a rule after a big event like a war, have a post event dinner. Whilst the war ended by my standards a long time ago with the kidnapping of Olaf & Steve there was no way we could in any way contemplate a dinner.
The release of the guys and a week later we finally all got together last night and had dinner, all the team from up North came down and joined us which was fantastic to see them again.
The highlight of the night was believe it or not all sitting down together in a circle and playing drums, now before you think this was some male bonding circle in the wilderness in a smoky tee pee, fact one girls were there so no we did not all strip down naked and dance around a fire getting back to our primevil roots.
We just banged away as a group celebrating that no one was killed or injured and as a team we could celebrate what has been a long hard summer


21st Century Mom said...

Long hard summer, indeed. I'm so glad you all made it out safe and sound.

Drum circles are big these days. Very therapeutic.

Wisedawn said...

LOL...I love the picture you paint of what DIDNT take place ... :-D

(I heard though that those male bonding tee-pee experiences are worth it .. )

NewsJunkie said...

Sounds like a great time Mal. And much needed, and very well-deserved.