Monday, January 16, 2006

Still Watching and Waiting

Deathwatch Duty – The Warrior Sleeps

Day five live from the hospital, it is now a matter of waiting for the Warrior to die, his doctors say that he is breathing with the assistance of a ventilator and is moving odd parts of his body, whilst Mozart plays and his sons tell him about his grandchildren waiting for him to come home. It is hard to picture such a figure as Ariel Sharon in this condition.

Down in the Media Circus we sit and wait around the clock, we are running a 24 hour operation broken into three shifts, the cold just gnaws into your body with each passing hour, huddling around a kerosene heater in a tent. Every hour we walk to the live shot position across the courtyard entrance. There along with fifty other cameras all going live around the world, CBS, RAI (Italy) CNN, BBC, Al Jazerra, NBC and the list goes on and on down the line, it is like a family away from home familiar faces you have met on jobs and locations around the world. Once the bullshit dies down and we have all gotten into the routine our positions staked out, the competition between networks does not really exist, we are all saying the same thing and lets just try to make it comfortable and easy for all of us.

You know it is a long stakeout/death watch when the local take away restaurants come around handing out menus and promising rapid delivery times, from Chinese to Hamburgers all is available.

It is just another day at least no one is trying to shoot or blow me up today.

Hadassah Hospital


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